Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my wool kilim or hand knotted rug?

All rugs should be vacuumed regularly.  It is not advised to use a beater brush while vacuuming your rugs. Professional cleaning is recommended every 1-3 years depending on use/traffic.

Here is a great guide with videos to provide you with more details for caring for your wool carpets – 

How do I care for my hemp rug, pillow, floor cushion or pouf?

Hemp rugs as with any other rug/carpet should be vacuumed regularly.  An upholstery attachment brush can be used on hemp pillows, floor cushions and poufs.

Spot cleaning is recommended for any spills, stains, etc.  Personally, I use a stiff brush to remove any soil that “stuck” and/or blot as much of the spilled liquid as possible with a cotton towel.  You can use plain water or water with a tiny bit of dish soap to blot out the spot.  If needed, a gentle natural stain remover can be used, but do so at your own risk, and follow the instructions for your particular brand of stain remover.

If necessary, use a professional rug cleaner that is familiar with how to wash natural fibers like hemp.

Note: If you have a spill on a cushion cover, be sure to remove your pillow inserts and clean them too!  Follow the directions on your inserts for washing.

How do you stuff your hemp floor pillows and poufs?

Personally, I use the FJÄDRAR inserts from Ikea to fill the floor pillows and poufs. They are super affordable, not bleached with chlorine, and are filled with cruelty free duck feathers.  Eventually, I would love to create an affordable line of kapok pillow inserts, as kapok has great “loft,” and is environmentally and allergy friendly. If it is in your budget, kapok inserts are the way to go!

Medium Floor Pillows are stuffed with four 20″ pillow inserts.  If you want less fill you can try four 18″ inserts.

Large Floor Pillows are stuffed with two 20″ inserts and two 26″ inserts.  I have found four 26″ inserts is too much for my liking.

Flour Poufs can be stuffed with three 26″ inserts for a more “slouchy” or relaxed look, or four 26″ inserts for a more full, structured look.

What is hemp?

Hemp is the fiber of the cannabis plant, extracted from the stem and used to make rope, stout fabrics, fiberboard, and paper.

Is hemp the same as marijuana!?

“The short answer is no, they are just both part of the Cannabis family. Hemp is completely different from marijuana in its function, cultivation and application.” If you are interested in a more detailed answer and/or the differences between hemp and marijuana, please visit this website as it does a fantastic job of explaining this topic –

Is hemp environmentally friendly?

Yes! This little infographic from provides a helpful comparison of hemp and cotton.

That’s great that hemp is so sustainable, but what about your other textiles?

ALL of Wayfarer’s rugs are antique or vintage.  One of the most effective ways to live sustainably is to REUSE rather than recycle.  Purchasing vintage rather than new handmade rugs and textiles keeps these perfectly worn, beautiful pieces out of landfills.  Our rugs are all meticulously repaired IF needed, and cleaned before you receive them.

In addition, all of Wayfarer’s other textiles such as pillows, floor cushions, and poufs are made from vintage hemp remnants.  This is important to note because many of the hemp remnants used for these smaller pieces would be otherwise thrown away.

Lastly, all of Wayfarer’s over-dyed vintage hemp rugs, pillows, floor cushions and poufs are dyed using natural dyes which are much better for our homes and our environment.

What is your shipping policy?

Your order will ship within 7-14 business days via the shipping method you choose at check out.  All available shipping options are quoted at check out.  Please feel free to contact Wayfarer at if you have any special shipping requests.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

What is your returns/refunds policy?

We only accept returns for items damaged in shipping.  We carefully hand pick all of the products we offer, and therefor know the quality of each item prior to shipping. If you receive an item that is damaged in shipping please contact Wayfarer at within one week of receiving your item.

Due to the vintage, one-of-a-kind nature of our products, all sales are final.  Any advertised promotions or discounts are only valid in the timeline in which they are held and cannot be applied to past or future orders.

All Wayfarer products are handmade, vintage or antique or handmade from vintage or antique materials. Vintage products are worn in nature, and may contain blemishes such as small stains that cannot be removed with washing, abrash (fading colors,) missing tassels, etc., and will not be repaired before shipment.  It is the little nuances that give each product its one of a kind appeal, and therefore cannot be considered defective.

Additional non-returnable items:
* Gift cards

Do you offer discounts to the Trade ?

Yes!  We appreciate you.  Our relationships with others in the trade are very important to us.  If you are a designer, decorator or architect we are happy to extend a discount to you.

Please send an email with your professional information including credentials.  Once approved, we will send you a unique discount code that can be used online or in person.

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