Hello!  My name is Courtney Konuch, and I am the founder and curator of Wayfarer.  Wayfarer was born from my love of design, need to create, and a desire to share the beauty of vintage textiles, particularly Turkish hemp with others.  I personally source each handwoven vintage rug, and design all of textiles made from vintage hemp remnants.

Wanting to create a textile business more unique than simply finding vintage rugs, I collaborated with my plant-dying sister, Katie White, to create an exclusive color line of vintage hemp rugs and textiles.  All of Wayfarers vintage hemp textiles are ethically dyed and made in Turkey using old village methods passed down generation after generation.

Living a natural and sustainable lifestyle is very important to me.  I am passionate about creating natural environments that promote health for everyone including those with sensitive immune systems.  Vintage wool and hemp are a far healthier alternative to off-gassing petroleum-based products such as nylon, polypropylene, and polyester carpets and textiles.  Using handwoven vintage hemp remnants to create pillows, floor cushions, poufs and other textiles gives the old hemp new life.  Additionally, cleaning, repairing, and/or repurposing vintage wool and hemp rugs keep these materials out of landfills. 

When I’m not slingin’ rugs and stuffing pillows, I enjoy cooking, traveling, and a good happy hour.  I am married to my creative and design-enthusiast husband, Robert Konuch.  We have two active young boys, Luca and Eliel, who keep us playing, learning and exploring life to its fullest.